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Welcome To The Most Kooky Store on the Internet

We are Kooky Apparel, and let’s cut to the chase—we’re a kinda kooky crew. Sure, being wacky and unconventional might not have always had the best rep, but for us, embracing out ‘kooki-ness’—the strange and eccentric—couldn’t possibly feel more natural.


A Melbourne-based clothing label with a nick for outlandish, sometimes ‘weirdo’ designs, we offer affordable, quality products that embody the current politics of Australian humour. Specialising in Dad Caps, Bucket Hats and Silly Socks (TBA), we produce top-notch accessories that’re rowdy, dirty, and hardcore…in a ‘Monday undies on Thursday’ kind of way.


Whether you’re on the hunt for a last-minute gift for your mate, looking to warm up your dogs (and we’re not talking about your Labrador), or aiming to fill that hat-sized void in your wardrobe, Kooky Apparel can guarantee kitschy accessories for all walks of life.


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